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Having you and Lindy was like having a Cadillac plan, which was probably overkill for second time parents. But it was worth it based on our previous experience of trying to wing it on a dime.

Amy & Vin, Albany CA

I believe in each woman’s ability to listen to her intuition and follow her instincts while her body and baby work together during the birth process.

Whether this is your first or second baby, twins, VBAC, planned Cesarean, natural birth or birthing with an epidural, I am confident in my abilities to support you with respect and compassion. If you are choosing your home, birth center, or hospital as your intended place of birth, I support the decisions that you and your partner (if present) have chosen based on your individual needs and circumstances.

I do share information on new research and published studies regarding current birth practices, and encourage my clients to ask questions to your full satisfaction. While I work very positively and successfully with my clients’ chosen care provider, it is important to know that I work for and keep my focus on the family I am supporting.

Bay Area doula

My goal for you...

My goal is for you to have a positive and well supported birth experience, that you can look back on and always remember as a fulfilling and powerful event. I help you replace fear and apprehension about birth and the unknown, with excitement and joy and you prepare to meet your new baby.

My goal for your partner...

My goal for birth partners is for them to feel as though they are able to be participants in supporting the birthing parent, and to have someone they can rely on to offer suggestions in ways to help. Helping partners to feel supported allows them to be more calm and available to offer support themselves.

As an experienced doula of 7 years and a current midwifery student, I’ve been able to fine tune my techniques to give you exceptional care and information before, during, and after your baby is born. My extensive knowledge is based on my years of study and continuing education, which means that you are getting accurate, evidence based information. Every parent wants to do the best for their babies, so why not start out with strong confidence in your decision making power now?

My first delivery was a c-section. For my second baby I decided to try a VBAC with the help of a doula. Tabitha was amazing, she helped my husband and I to actually enjoy the labor. I mean she was really relaxed, she has a calm presence that really helped me to relax and gain strength between contractions. She was encouraging me the whole time, she helped me to get comfortable during those long hours, remind me to breath and listen to my body and trust my body. She took a really good care of me, before, during and after the labor. The pre-natal visits were so important for us, she gave us lots of tricks to cope with the pain and to relax. Tabitha knows what she is doing and will take care of you throughout your experience. BTW I had a successful VBAC! Thank you Tabitha!

Sam & Olivier, Sausalito, CA

The vision I would choose for the birth of my own children may be different than yours… and that’s okay. Expected, even! Your family is unique and you are arriving with your own ideas, health history, plans, questions, concerns, and care providers. I have been a labor doula for families choosing natural births at home in the Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, El Cerrito, Orinda, San Leandro, and San Francisco areas. I’ve also been a labor doula to many happy families choosing or necessitating many different types of birth experiences at Alta Bates, Kaiser Oakland, Kaiser Walnut Creek, Kaiser San Leandro, Kaiser Vallejo, UCSF, SF General, St Luke’s, Eden, and John Muir hospitals! You see, I adapt my services and how I support you based on YOU. You can be assured that I am flexible and comfortable working in many different locations and with many different choices.

What I offer as your Birth Doula

  • Access to my eBook: Preparing for Your Birth Your Way, available only to clients. In this 26 page step by step guide, you will be walked through the process to achieving the birth you desire.
  • Special access to this page that is set up with additional information and resources for clients only:
  • At least 2 pre-birth consultations for getting you ready for birth, each approximately 2 hours in length.
  • Support from start to finish, over the phone, through texts, and email to ensure your questions are answered and you experience pregnancy with confidence!
  • Tips and guidance in learning the tools to use while preparing for labor, birth, and postpartum.
  • Assistance in refining a personalized birth plan, or identifying your preferences.
  • Preparing you and your home for the arrival of your baby.
  • Getting ready for the postpartum and transitioning to having a new baby with ease and comfort.
  • In person, continuous support at home, the birth center, or in the hospital as needed.
  • At least one post-birth check in to ensure a smooth recovery and adjustment.
  • Abundant list of referrals for local resources and providers for whatever your pre and post birth needs may be.

Remember, these are doula services that I am offering! It is not within my scope of practice to perform clinical procedures, such as monitoring blood pressure or fetal heart tones, pelvic exams, administration of anything by IV, etc. I won’t make your decisions for you, but I can help you obtain the information you need to make your best choices and will also remind you if there is a deviation from your original wishes. While I can help you find your voice, once you make your decisions, you or your partner will need to tell your care providers as I can’t speak for you. To learn more about the Doula Scope of Practice, please visit and click on “Labor Doula Scope of Practice”.

The fee for Birth Doula services are $1900. Interested in other services? Check out the Bundles which give you more for less!

I accept multiple forms of payment, including personal check, Google Wallet, Venmo, Square, SquareCash, and Paypal.

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Every step of the way, my husband and I felt prepared, supported, and cared for by Tabitha. But more unexpectedly and importantly, we felt that Tabitha truly empowered us to be stronger, more informed, and more confident advocates for our own birth process. She supported us by teaching us, and she was there for us by teaching us how to be there for each other.  We don’t know how we could have done it without her…truly.

Jaclynn & Casey, Berkeley, CA

My daughter had a wonderfully special birth, with the help of my doula (and new found friend) Tabitha. My birth was full of interventions because of a preexisting medical condition. A total of 30 hours of pitocin, and I was able to manage the pain entirely medication free, thanks to Tabitha and my husband. Tabitha taught us different pain coping techniques before the birth, reminded my husband of how to use those techniques, and supported both of us by taking over the physical aspects of the pain coping, so my husband could support me emotionally. (She pressed against my back during labor, while my husband held me, stroked my hair, and talked to me.) Tabitha was such a calming presence for the entire time she was with us. My doctor was wanting to take a more aggressive approach when I wasn’t dilating “fast enough”. I had been keeping Tabitha in the loop while I was hooked up to the pitocin, and when I did finally ask her to come in so we could talk about our options, her attitude and presence helped me relax enough to actually start to have some change! I wanted my labor to be as natural as possible, and I got pretty much what I wanted. I haven’t used her postpartum services, but Tabitha is still an invaluable asset to me. Every time I look at my beautiful daughter, I remember all the hard work I did, and all the help Tabitha gave us. If it wasn’t for Tabitha, my birth would have a very different story. If we have another baby, even though I’ve been through labor and delivery now, we will DEFINITELY be hiring Tabitha again.

Megan & Arthur, Hercules, CA

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