Congratulations, you’re expecting a baby! This is a very exciting time as you prepare your home, choose your care provider, pick out names, research car seats, and imagine the new little life you are bringing into the world.

But wait… What do I need to know about getting the baby OUT?? What about how to feed the baby? How do I change a diaper or know when the baby is hungry?

I offer a variety of class types to help you feel prepared for your baby’s birth, breastfeeding, and caring for your newborn with confidence.

How do I know which class is right for me??

“I’m told breastfeeding is supposed to hurt, and that it’s really hard. It’s important to me to give this to my baby, but I don’t know what I need to keep in mind! Do I need to burp him after every feed? How do I know if it’s working? Can my milk go bad? Can I still nurse him if I catch a cold?”

The answers to all these questions and more are offered in the Breastfeeding Class

“I’m having twins!! Everything I see is geared toward singleton births; does this apply to me and my babies? What’s different? What options do I have? Is it even possible to exclusively breastfeed twins?”

I can help you get you oriented with having two, from preparing for birth to feeding and caring for them while also keeping your sanity intact! I can tailor the Birth, Breastfeeding, and Baby Care Classes to your unique needs.

“I really want to learn how to prepare for birth, how to get started breastfeeding, and how to care for my baby after birth. None of my friends have babies, and I also really want to get to know others so I don’t feel so alone. The private classes all sound great, but how can I get my social needs met?”

Did you know I teach classes at Then Comes Baby? Check out the Group Classes

“I really like the idea of consistently scheduled classes, but I’m very busy and just can’t get to a weekly class reliably! I really like having great evidence-based information in a way that will match my needs; I don’t want someone pressuring me to make choices that might not fit with who I am. I love the idea of someone coming to my home when it is convenient for me so that it’s one less place I need to think about going.”

Whether you are birthing at home or in the hospital, Private Classes means you get a class built just for YOU!

“I’ve never held a newborn and am not sure what I really need to know to care for one. How do I change a diaper? Do I do something special with the umbilical stump? What is swaddling, and how long do I do it for? Do babies sleep? How do I bathe her? HELP!!”

Don’t worry! I make caring for a tiny baby seem less scary and foreign for everyone in the Baby Care Class.

I accept multiple forms of payment, including personal check, Google Wallet, Venmo, Square, SquareCash, and Paypal.

Tabitha’s birthing course was a truly incredible and empowering experience. The course brought my partner Matt and I closer together. Till this course, becoming a father still felt pretty abstract to him, and by taking the course, he was able to learn techniques for supporting me during the birth process. My birth plan had been to have my daughter, River, at a birthing center, but when my water broke at 33 weeks, that was no longer an option. Though having my baby at a hospital wasn’t in the plan, it was extremely valuable to be able to tap into the skills and tools I’d learned in Tabitha’s class when I was in labor. It gave me a way to feel powerful even within a context that I hadn’t chosen. I’m grateful to have learned a variety of different techniques from her, many of which we implemented. Tabitha’s course was filled with information, highly interactive, personalized, fun, and creative. One of my favorite moments from being in labor was having my partner and my dear friend sing to me while I was experiencing intense contractions. Though I was experiencing a lot of intensity and discomfort, that singing really carried me through. Without Tabitha’s course, it would have never occurred to me to sing while in labor, and I wouldn’t have such a sweet and tender memory of the way in which we brought our daughter into the world.

Anna & Matt, Oakland, CA

Private Childbirth Classes

Let me bring the birth class to you! Just because you can’t or desire not to attend a weekly series, does not mean you can’t be very well prepared for a positive and confident birth experience! These classes are tailored to you. Taking into account who you are, your specific health and pregnancy, and where you are intending on birthing, I create a class that meets your needs exactly, giving you 100% of my attention.

Classes are a total of 8 hours and are individually scheduled and tailored to what will best work with your timing needs. These classes take place in the comfort of your home! I have brought these birth classes to Oakland, Berkeley, Pinole, Richmond, San Francisco, Castro Valley, El Cerrito, and more!

Location: Your home

Fees: $350

Schedule: We work together to create sessions that work for your schedule, over the course of 3-4 sessions totaling 8 hours in duration.

Register: Reach out to me here to begin

Content: Variable based on your specific needs.

Baby Care Class

Let me bring the class to you! You’re having a baby! But you’ve never changed a diaper before, don’t know what “meconium” is, and how much are babies supposed to sleep or eat anyway? Learn the answers to these questions and feel confident in your parenting foundation by taking a Newborn Care Class!

Drawing on my years as a postpartum doula caring for many newborn babies, I help you develop the skills and offer the resources to care for your own. This class is 2.5 hours hours and is individually scheduled and tailored to what will best work with your timing needs.

Location: Your Home

Fees: $75

Schedule: We work together to create a time that works for your schedule.

Register: Reach out to me here to begin


  • Visual aids describe the special qualities and characteristics of the newborn
  • Focus is given to the first 2 hours, the first 2 weeks, the first 6 weeks, and recovery from birth
  • We review feeding, lightly touching on both breast and formula feeding (If you are planning on breastfeeding, the breastfeeding class is strongly encouraged).
  • The care essentials: holding, burping, diapering, bathing, swaddling and comforting the newborn
  • Learning about infant sleep; what’s normal and what should my expectations be?
  • Stimulation cues: when it’s enough or too much!

Breastfeeding Classes

Let me bring the class to you! Breastfeeding may be natural, but that doesn’t mean it always comes easily! As a Lactation Educator and breastfeeding peer-support facilitator, I come with extensive knowledge in helping you reach your breastfeeding goals. I help you get off to the best start, build confidence in your abilities to nourish your baby, and give you the best current breastfeeding knowledge. Fearful that you must be on a restrictive diet to breastfeed, or that you won’t know when your baby is getting enough? I squash myths and misinformation while giving you tools to identify success! I also offer many local resources for if you need additional support or troubleshooting once baby arrives.

This class is 2.5 hours hours and is individually scheduled and tailored to what will best work with your timing needs.

Location: Your home

Fees: $75

Schedule: We work together to create a time that works for your schedule.

Register: Reach out to me here to begin


  • Getting off to a good start
  • Building a robust milk supply
  • Recognizing newborn hunger and satiety cues
  • How to know if your baby is getting enough
  • Important ways partners and family can support breastfeeding
  • Common challenges and solutions
  • Where to get help

Group Classes

I’m excited to be on the team of instructors at Then Comes Baby in Oakland! Similar to what I offer privately to families, I am teaching Breastfeeding 101, Childbirth Prep, and Living on Baby Time: Caring for Your Newborn. Classes occur on a regular basis, however they are always very popular and have been filling up quickly. Sign up soon to ensure you don’t miss out!

Located at 3657 Grand Ave in Oakland, Then Comes Baby is in an easy to get to location with ample street parking. Don’t forget to check out the Then Comes Baby website to see the array of other parenting, support, and movement classes that are offered.

I had the pleasure of having Tabitha Ames as my child birth educator. She was able to describe the stages of labor, share techniques for coping with child birth, and explain child birth interventions thoroughly without judgement. I love to read, and had read hundreds of books about pregnancy and childbirth by the time I took Tabitha’s class. Despite this, I was able to learn so many technique which I used to cope with my unmedicated labor. Her class also facilitated a warm atmosphere, and I was able to make a number of friends who I continue to see. The day I delivered my baby Tabitha was teaching another class in the birth center, and I was able to invite her in for a few minutes to offer support. It was so wonderful to share that experience with her. I am happy to think of Tabitha as a friend and would refer her to anyone looking for a childbirth class or doula.

Rosie & Joe, San Francisco, CA

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