Oakland Birth Support

I have comfortably supported families living in Oakland who planned their births at home, birth centers, Kaiser Oakland, and other surrounding area hospitals.

Tabitha’s birthing course was a truly incredible and empowering experience. The course brought my partner Matt and I closer together. Till this course, becoming a father still felt pretty abstract to him, and by taking the course, he was able to learn techniques for supporting me during the birth process… One of my favorite moments from being in labor was having my partner and my dear friend sing to me while I was experiencing intense contractions. Though I was experiencing a lot of intensity and discomfort, that singing really carried me through. Without Tabitha’s course, it would have never occurred to me to sing while in labor, and I wouldn’t have such a sweet and tender memory of the way in which we brought our daughter into the world.” Anna & Matt, Oakland, CA

Berkeley Birth Doula

Oakland Birth Doula

The support of a kind and experienced doula can help you to enter your birth experience with confidence.

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Oakland Placenta Encapsulation

Feel confident that your placenta will be treated with care, and that I work quickly and safely to ensure your receiving the great experience you expect.

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Oakland Birth Classes

Expand your knowledge of what is to come so that you can have the tools to take on birth and parenthood!

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Local resources for Oakland pregnancy, birth, and baby

Moms Groups

Oakland Mom2Mom
Rockridge Wellness Center
5327 College Ave.
Oakland, CA 94618


Acorn Wellness Center
2929 Summit St #103
Oakland, CA 94609


Then Comes Baby
3657 Grand Ave
Oakland, CA 94610


Oakland Acupuncture Project
3576 Laurel Ave
Oakland, CA 94602

3718 Grand Ave. Suite 1
(entrance up driveway to right of building)
Oakland, CA 94610


Bare Foot Movement
1635 Broadway
Downtown Oakland, CA 94612


Ajira Darch

Bay Area Breastfeeding Support


Craniosacral Therapy


Bay Area Birth Support has happily served many families in Oakland, California with doula services, classes, and placenta encapsulation since 2009!
Give a call or text to (925) 360-0817 or send an email to Tabitha@BayAreaBirthSupport.com