Placenta Encapsulation

and Tinctures

Interested in encapsulating your placenta? Be confident that as a former molecular biologist and certified APPA placenta specialist, I use the highest of safety standards and awareness to ensure that your placenta will be safe to consume.


I prepare placentas for encapsulation using the Traditional Method, in which the placenta is steamed to 160°F prior to dehydration. Not only does this ensure that all bacteria is killed prior to dehydration and consumption, but the cooking process makes the beneficial nutrients more bioavailable! (Nolan, 2010 and Ellgen, 2010) Due to the fact that herbs can be a source of moisture, spoilage, and mold, I do not add them to the capsules during preparation, no matter the source. While steaming, I may add ginger root, jalapeno, frankincense, and myrrh to the steaming water, however I am happy to exclude if desired. Your capsules come home to you in a blue jar with instructions and recommendations. Yield varies based on the size of the placenta.

Price: $275 as a stand alone service, $225 if other services or bundles are being utilized, not including tinctures. Note: If you are choosing to have me prepare the placenta in your own home, please add $50 to the overall fee.


Tinctures are made by adding a piece of the raw placenta to 80 proof alcohol, and letting it sit for 6 weeks. The strong alcohol combined with patience ensures bacteria are killed and that you can have sustained, life-long benefits from the placenta! Your tincture will be stored in a blue 4oz dropper bottle. Instructions on use will be provided.

Price: $30

Cord Keepsake

If desired, the cord can be dehydrated into a keepsake for you. I am happy to form the cord into a heart, circle, spiral, or “love”, and secure it in a small bag for you.

Price: FREE! Simply let me know ahead of time of your desires so I can prepare accordingly.

I accept multiple forms of payment, including personal check, Google Wallet, Venmo, Square, SquareCash, and Paypal.

Included with placenta encapsulation and tinctures is this instruction booklet. Inside, you will receive information on storage and dosage, as well as breastfeeding information, moms support groups, and more!


  • Improved Mood 40%
  • Increased energy/decreased fatigue 26%
  • Improved lactation 15%
  • Alleviated postpartum bleeding 7%

Selander, Jodi, Allison Cantor, Sharon M. Young, and Daniel C. Benyshek. “Human Maternal Placentophagy: A Survey of Self-Reported Motivations and Experiences Associated with Placenta Consumption.” Ecology of Food and Nutrition 52.2 (2013): 93-115. Web.

You do What?

It is common to have questions about placenta encapsulation, so I have compiled a list of FAQs to help.


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